Accountant Trainee Benefits

This is a breakdown of the Accounting practicals our trainees go through during our Skills Program:


Basic Bookkeeping – Points covered How to study and extract information from source documents

  • How to extract information from source documents
  • How to fill in deposit slips and cheques
  • How to prepare stock sheets
  • What is a Tax Invoice?
  • What is Vat?
  • How does a business register for Vat and who may or may not register?
  • Debits and credits
  • Books of Prime entry
  • Financial categories of general ledger accounts
  • Subsidiary ledgers
  • General ledger
  • Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Various forms, namely Vat 101, Vat 201, EMP 101, EMP 201 (manual completion)


Virtual / Simulated Office – Training covered (In relation to different kinds of transactions)

  • Computerised record processing
  • Purchase and sale of Fixed Assets – Cash/Financed
  • Provision Accounts calculations compilation
  • Depreciation
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Amortization Schedule
  • Vat Calculations
  • Calculation of PAYE, UIF and SDL and completion of manual EMP 201
  • Different kinds of businesses like: Engineering, Service, Rental Property and Logistics are studied with their different chart of accounts in relation to their main  business
  • Formation of Companies


Computer Packages covered

  • Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Pastel


The Funding

Bonani is funded by Fasset. There are absolutely no costs involved in taking on a trainee from us that has completed the program.



Fasset Benefits

Please note that ALL Fasset grants and benefits have deadlines and specific terms and conditions which should ideally be confirmed with Fasset if you intend to participate.

These benefits include:

  •  Mandatory & Pivotal grants
  • Strategic & Learnership Cash grants
  • Student loan repayment grants

Other benefits: Visit Fasset’s website to view full benefits available: Click here to view these benefits…


Tax (SARS) Benefits

Learnership Tax Allowances / Tax deductions: Employers receive a tax deduction for learners with disabilities as per the Income Tax Act. Click here to view the legislation…

SDL Calculation: The salaries of registered learners are excluded from your SDL calculation.

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