Bonani 2015



The Bonani Program is a Work-Readiness Program designed for the accounting industry. Graduates either have a National Diploma in accounting or a BCom Accounting as minimum qualifications, with accounting 3 and taxation, before embarking on the program.

The program is delivered in Midrand (Johannesburg), Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane, Bloemfontein, Mahikeng, East London, Port Elizabeth and Nelspruit. Once the learners have completed the program the company will be placing the graduates into practices as learners on SAIPA, SAICA or SAIBA Learnerships


Program Details and Success

There are 3 very exact and defined steps to the success of our programs; Selection, Training & Placement.


Step 1 – Selection

Selection is done to establish the applicants’ suitability for the profession including motivation and organizational sense. The latter is critical to a learner making it in the detailed environment of the profession. On average between 2000 and 3000 learners apply for entry to the program, of these up to 530 are selected in each half of a year.

Pre-selected learners are a huge benefit to employers taking our learners as recruiting staff is a very expensive and time-consuming process. Our learners, based on this selection process, are the most suitable available at the time of each intake.


Step 2 – Training

Our accredited Skills Program training is conducted over a 4-month period in one half of the year and repeated with the second group in the second half of the year. The training covers researched areas that actually prepare our learners for the accounting environment.

Subjects covered are basic skills that break down ‘learning for exams’ and build skills in learning for actual work environment application. Interactive communication skills are taught with the accent on operating skill as opposed to theoretical skill. Basic accounting functions are brushed up with learners taking a set of transactions through a manual process and later repeating this exercise on Pastel.

The training regime also includes a set of courses on Rules of Professional Conduct, full office orientation, work-place manners, etiquette, work habits, performance techniques and much more.


Step 3 – Placement

Once their training is completed the learners are placed in a practice and onto a Fasset Learnership. The primary reason that firms continue to use our services and take on our learners is the quality of our trainees. We place, on average, 80% of our trainees each intake and a further 10% into positions in commerce and industry.

A 90% success rate is nevertheless unheard of and a strong recommendation of our process and methodology.