Business Hub & Enterprisation

Graduate Training Program

SAICA and Dept of Economic Development co-financed a project we delivered from 2012 to mid-2014. This project mirrored the Fasset funded Bonani Work-Readiness Program (See more about the Bonani program here) of past years with an entrepreneurial bias. We started a new project for SAICA/ED in 2013 which completed mid-2014. This project was for 270 graduates for Business Hubs that are in turn linked to “SEFA” the Small Enterprise Funding Agency. These projects were delivered in 4 cities.

The intention of Enterprisation is:

  • To create a self-sustaining entity
  • Provide employment opportunities for graduates
  • Provide a full suite of business services to the SME market
  • Allows access services and advice
  • Ensures the sustainability and enhanced performance of these businesses
  • Enables them to operate successfully
  • Creates wealth and alleviate unemployment



SAICA has formed an enterprise development and SME support hub called ’Enterprisation’. SAICA partnered with Guarantee Trust and Sefa (the Small Enterprise Finance Agency). The intention of Enterprisation is to ultimately provide a full suite of affordable business services for the SME market, including:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Taxation
  • Business Finance Consulting
  • Provision of IT support
  • Appropriate costing of products
  • Facilitating access to markets

Successful learners where placed in SAICA’s own Enterprisation Hub, Accounting Firms and Commercial Companies with an over 90% success rate.