Guarantee Trust has, since 2003, run a Work-Readiness Program for unemployed accounting learners on behalf of Fasset and more specifically for professional accounting firms. To date we have trained over 8000 such learners in our academies throughout South Africa. 80% of these learners have been placed on three year accounting Learnerships and a further 10% have been placed in commerce and industry. This professional accounting program has developed a unique Virtual Office that actually simulates real work with real companies’ accounts as part of the training regime of the company.

To this vast experience has been added this successful banking program, sharing the skills and lessons learned in previous programs.

Guarantee Trust fully understands the difficulties of HDI learners making it through the system and finally entering the professional environment. This includes the dichotomy of learners studying for academic qualifications with decent pass rates while experiencing a shortfall of skill in application of knowledge once employed.

The Guarantee Trust program bridges this gap. Vital in our process is careful selection of those who have the capacity to make it in their respective professions.

Equally vital is the work-readiness program content that is thoroughly researched and included in each segment only because of its direct impact on the learners’ ability to succeed in the workplace.

These learners are highly sought after and have a short runway to you being able to invoice their production.


Are you interested in taking on our graduates?

You get:

  • Work-Readiness benefits (Trainees who quickly integrate into your firm)
  • SETA benefits (Grants: mandatory, discretionary, learnership)
  • Tax / Sars benefits (Tax allowances / tax deductions)

“It makes economic sense; it makes financial sense to take on our graduates”

We are bringing in a commodity that is ready to go, you can invoice and bill early on.

Besides the financial return based on them being truly work-ready you also receive other financial benefits from registering the trainees on learnerships.

Bonani Accounting Program Graduates

Virtual Bank Program Graduates