The Association of Accounting Technicians SA

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SA) launched the Association of Accounting Technicians in SA. See the AAT SA website.

Guarantee Trust Corporate Support Services (GTCSS) was awarded by Fasset’s avant-garde organization to deliver a GTCSS/AAT SA program. This program delivered the AAT Certificate and Advanced Certificate Qualifications to matric Learners or to those who have incomplete degrees or diplomas.

The program was run by GTCSS and was called Phakamani, it involved 130 learners on a one-year intensive program. Learners started with no qualification and ended with full work-readiness, the AAT Qualifications and were placed within accounting firms to complete their AAT Diploma Qualifications. This was an exciting new development that picked up those ‘lost’ to the employment market and the profession and created skilled employees within the country and the accounting field.


Two Streams of Learning

  1. We delivered the AAT Certificate and Advanced Certificate in accounting qualifications to grade 12 students, incomplete diplomates and undergrad Learners through AAT (SA).
  2. This program was delivered to Learners over a 12-month period, ending late 2009 and ready for placement with accounting firms in 2010. The program included our now well-known Work-Readiness Program incorporating our Virtual Office modules.

Our AAT Program involved campus-style training as well as work simulation processes and prepared participants for the challenging accounting environment. This was a fully financed program by Fasset.

AAT gives professional recognition and membership to all appropriately qualified accounting and finance staff.



The Guarantee Trust program actually bridges the education to employment gap. Vital in our process is careful selection of those who have the capacity to make it through our program and through the Diploma Qualification within your practice.

Equally vital is the Work-Readiness Program content that is thoroughly researched and included in each segment only because of its direct impact on the trainees’ ability to succeed in the workplace.

This avant-garde Phakamani/AAT program, in conjunction with Fasset, GTCSS and AAT (SA), was an exciting development in the accounting profession and was a success with over 80% of program participants placed into emplyment.