Our turn-key solutions include: Selection, Training, Placement and Monitoring. Each step can be applied individually and customised to the relevant client requirements. We have built up a vast and superbly valuable set of skills and experience in this skills development, bridging to work and placement arena. Because of this Guarantee Trust is now accredited by Bankseta, Fasset, LG Seta and SAIPA as an ATC.

Current Training Projects:

DOJ&CD / PWC Training Project:

In 2015 we are delivering a project via PwC to DOJ&CD for a new systems replacing their previous model. This project is scheduled to complete by March 2016 and involves us developing training manuals and courses for the new system
and delivering train-the-trainer skills to specified staff. Read more…

Bonani Work-Readiness Program:

The Bonani Program is a Work-Readiness Program designed for the accounting industry. Graduates either have a National Diploma in accounting or a BCom Accounting as minimum qualifications, with accounting 3 and taxation, before embarking on the program. Read more…

Virtual Bank Work-Readiness Program:

The Virtual Bank program is directed at commerce graduates in one stream and to post-matriculants in another. It has the purpose of creating a previously disadvantaged learner who is immediately productive in the banking and micro-finance environments. Read more…

Previous programs:

Phakamani Work-Readiness Program:

Trainees who have completed Matric with accounting or have an incomplete degree or diploma with Accounts qualify for this program. Funded by Fasset. Read more…

DOJ&CD / PWC JV Training Project:

This is a Department of Justice & Constitutional Development project where Guarantee Trust is one of PricewaterhouseCoopers project partners responsible for the skills assessment and training. Read more…

Business Hub and Enterprization Training:

SAICA and Dept of Economic Development co-financed a project we delivered from 2012 to mid-2014. This project mirrored the Fasset WRP of past years with an entrepreneurial bias. We started a new project for SAICA/ED in 2013 which completed mid-2014. This project was for 170 graduates for Business Hubs that are in turn linked to “SEFA” the Small Enterprise Funding Agency. These projects were delivered in 4 cities. Read more…


Types of projects that Guarantee Trust delivers:

Skills Development is the core business of Guarantee Trust. The project list below shows what we have achieved, with various stake holders in the past.

  • Fasset projects (Bridging: Access to Employment)
  • Bankseta projects (Bridging: Access to Employment)
  • SAICA/Economic Development projects (SME ‘Enterprization’ and WRP)
  • Dept of Justice Finance projects (National and Regional)
  • Municipal skills projects (Soft skills)
  • Standard Bank (Customized Disabled Work-Readiness)
  • Small Enterprise Funding Agency (Credit assessment skills)
  • Jobs Fund (DBSA) (Access to Employment and Bridging)
  • BEE organizations (Specific soft skills projects for specific companies)
  • PWC projects (Sub-contracted financial skills development)

These projects cover Education and Training as well as employer placement of project graduates, when the project requires it. We have placed into employment over 8000 learners in the last 12 years. Guarantee Trust has delivered work-readiness, skills development and bridging programs to employment for 12 years. We are leaders in this field, with many other competent organizations of a similar kind, but not all others are “one-stop-shop” organizations. All skills to develop all programs as above are under one roof.