Private and Public Sector Training

One of our competencies is our ability to develop training that is customized to meet the client’s requirements, particularly in the fields of finance, banking and micro-finance. We have a number of years of experience in the training and education field as well as in the area of consulting. We have a team of facilitators who are credible and have extensive experience in learner, adult education, course development and course delivery. Guarantee Trust also has the appropriate infrastructural capacity and appropriate soft and technical skills to complete the work in accordance with each client’s requirements.

  • Any of our training modules are available for delivery on site, in our training facilities or online, delivered by one of our facilitators / trainers.
  • Customised training on your internal materials which we align and deliver based on our training methodology.
  • Practical workshops which are customizable based on the subjects that need to be covered within the required days allocated.

Any of the above can also be aligned to the relevant unit standard needed.

Our turn-key solutions, “work-readiness” programs include Selection, Training, and Placement.


Project Success

On average we have a 90% success rate with finding employment for graduates of our programs, on average, 80% get placement within the program funder’s sector and a further 10% into positions in commerce and industry. For various life-related reasons, the balance of 10% do not make it through the final placement process.

This turn-key model of ours can be customised and applied to any sector as needed.

We have research models for various sectors including Insurance, Call Center, Sales, Business Consulting, Entrepreneurial, Community Business Centers, Education, Information Technology, Transport, Legal, to name a few.

In addition, we develop training programs to address specific industry challenges like in the financial sector, relating to compliance issues. Here we ran a pilot project and had 100% success rate getting leaners through the exam (FAIS Fit & Proper RE5 Regulatory Exam).

As a consequence of our skills development efforts, many learners have shown an interest in assisting their families and communities with the literacy, study methods and the life skills modules we deliver. In three good examples, a community center after-school tutoring program has started in Springs, Orange Farm and another one in the Free State. Well over 300 scholars are attending these programs at grade 9/10/11/12 levels.