Banker Trainee Benefits

We give them a fundamental grounding in office readiness. We start with Microsoft Word & Excel. This is followed by an office orientation course that gives them the practical skills of filing, using a fax & photocopier, manning a telephone switchboard, efficiency, manners, etiquette and being a team member, and a lot more.


For banking, credit and sales, we take them through the following:

  • Banking – Basic Principles & Terms
  • Introduction to Banking Industry in South Africa
  • Introduction to Compliance covering the National Credit Act, the FICA and FAIS requirements
  • Practical Banking Administration for Compliance
  • Financial Product Knowledge Course
  • Sales & Selling in a regulated Needs Analysis environment with a strong emphasis on cross-selling
  • Client Service in a Banking Environment
  • Business Analysis
  • Financial Analysis focusing on practical cash flow analysis and financial ratios
  • Lending Analysis with a strong emphasis on security, conditions and covenant understanding
  • Structuring a facility and motivating a credit application
  • Practical Credit workshop bringing all this knowledge into application and
  • Virtual Banking with case studies being interviewed, assessed, motivated for credit approval, sent on-line for credit approval and then returned by a senior banker for correction, approval or disapproved

At the end of this process, they have received more training and exposure to a variety of simulated bank situations than they would normally meet in the first two years of working within an entry level bank function.


The Funding

We have Virtual Bank programs that are funded by BANKSETA. There are absolutely no costs involved in taking on a learner from us that has completed our program.




Please note that ALL BANKSETA grants and benefits have deadlines and specific terms and conditions which should ideally be confirmed with BANKSETA if you intend to participate.

These benefits include:

  • Discretionary grants
  • Mandatory grants

Visit BANKSETA’s website to view full benefits available: Click here to view these benefits…


Tax (SARS) Benefits

Learnership Tax Allowances / Tax deductions: Employers receive a tax deduction for learners with disabilities as per the Income Tax Act. Click here to view the legislation…

SDL Calculation: The salaries of registered learners are excluded from your SDL calculation.

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