Home Loans Officer/Bond Originator


What does a person in this occupation do?

The role of the Home Loans Officer or Bond Originator, is vital to the proper evaluation of financing options and bond application processes when purchasing a property. Home Loans Officers and Bond Originators are the interface between the banks and their customers, providing the skills, advice and insights which provide property buyers with the choices they need to make when buying a property. Clients will want the best value in terms of interest rates, deposit amounts and the term of the mortgage bond itself. In many cases the Home Loans Officer or Bond Originator will have to assist clients with the sale of their existing properties as conditional to the purchase of a new one. Such arrangements can become complex and requires experienced guidance, particularly from a legal perspective. Some of their tasks include:

  • Soliciting potential clients, individuals or businesses, in need of mortgage bonds
  • Assisting clients who are applying for loans from banks
  • Analysing and verifying applications to determine the client’s creditworthiness
  • Advising on the best terms clients can expect relative to their financial profile
  • Ensuring that all administrative, statutory and legal requirements are met


Occupation Regulation

National Association of Mortgage Loan Originators (NAMLO’s) regulates Home Loans Officers and Bond Originators.

The government does not currently regulate Home Loan officers in South Africa.


Personality Traits

  • Familiar with computers and related banking applications
  • Someone who pays attention to detail
  • A friendly disposition and good interpersonal skills
  • Able to deal with complex and onerous administrative processes


Learning Pathway

  • Preferably a BComm in Finance, Economics or a related field
  • Full-time or correspondence university degree


Employment Avenues

  • Banking
  • Micro finance
  • Financial Sales and Marketing companies
  • Private Bond Originator Companies
  • Home Loan Companies