Treasury Dealer


What does a person in this occupation do?

A Treasury Dealer works directly under the leadership of the Chief Investment Officer or Treasurer. Primary duties are to select the best short-term investment strategies to place (invest) daily cash surpluses on securities exchanges and in private placements. A Treasury Dealer would typically hold a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field.

A Treasury Dealer has the following duties:

  • Managing Treasury Front Office as the bank’s main dealer
  • Dealing in foreign exchange, primary, spot funds etc.
  • Performing money management and dealer functions
  • Managing placements and settlement with banks
  • Managing and monitoring the bank’s day to day liquidity
  • Liaising with other banks for foreign exchange, money market limits, etc.
  • Keeping management informed of any changes in the treasury portfolio or changes in legislation that may affect the bank’s operations
  • Hands-on control, monitoring and placement of cash resources
  • Maximising returns on cash investments


Personality Traits

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to plan and multitask
  • Emotional maturity
  • Excellent communication skills and good correspondence etiquette
  • Organised with attention to detail
  • Report writing
  • Computer skills, specifically MS Office programs
  • Service orientated
  • Work well under pressure


Learning Pathway

  • A Financial B Degree or suitable equivalent to an NQF 6 is essential
  • CPA licence is usually required
  • Follow university degree
  • Obtain CPA certification
  • In-service experience


Employment Avenues

  • Banking sector
  • Financial institutions
  • Large corporations