Debt Collector


What does a Debt Collector do?

Debt collectors collect payments for overdue accounts, overdue installments or damage claims on behalf of creditors. They locate and notify customers of delinquent accounts by mail, telephone, or personal visit to solicit payment. Duties include preparing statements to credit department if customer fails to respond, initiating repossession proceedings or service disconnection, and keeping records of collection and status of accounts.


Study path:

Entry: Senior Certificate A person can also enter into a learnership in debt collection with a firm that is accredited by Fasset.


Professional bodies:

Registration with the Council for Debt Collectors is a prerequisite for working as a debt collector. However, there are no academic requirements for this registration.

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In order to ensure the fair recovery of debts and make provision for the regulation and control of fees charged by debt collectors, a regulatory body named The Council for Debt Collectors was created by an Act of Parliament. Council For Debt Collectors