Aubrey Uoane (1)

Student Name: Aubrey Uoane

Program: Bonani Work-Readiness Program

Branch: Johannesburg


I remember the day I saw an advertisement in the newspaper. It was heaven-sent. I knew that even with my BCom degree, I had to have some experience to be able to get a job. I had just completed my degree and a short course in Pastel Accounting when I was accepted to do the Bonani Work-Readiness Program.

It was long ago but the memories are still very clear. I had difficulty when I completed Matric. I actually didn’t have money to register for my studies until the last minute. I begged for admittance very late after registration was closed, luckily I was accepted. The downside of this was that I didn’t have money to carry on with my studies. This left me with the options of dropping out or continuing with my studies. I chose to carry on and it was a leap of faith and the best decision I had ever made.

A few days later, I was told that I had qualified for student finance and that was the best day of my life. I rushed to the police station to do an affidavit confirming that both my parents were unemployed. When that affidavit was accepted, I welcomed it and never looked back. The Guarantee Trust program was great; from the communication course to the study course. All the skills I learnt on the program have been very useful in my career. I realised only after the program that I was transformed. I had confidence and I could face anything. I remember the first interview I went to, it went well because I was taught how to conduct myself in an interview.

I also managed to complete my articles and I am currently working for a mining company as an accountant. My life has not been easy but I have persevered despite the hardships. It actually feels like a dream because I never thought I would be where I am.

Thank you Guarantee Trust and Fasset for everything.