Chantel Booysen (1)

Student Name: Chantel Booysen

Program: Virtual Bank Matric Work-Readiness Program

Branch: Bloemfontein


I grew up in Edenburg which is a small sheep and cattle farming town situated about 80 kilometers south of Bloemfontein in the Free State province of South Africa. In 2001 it had a population of 8,138. I completed my Matric at a Edenburg Combined School. Before I applied for the Guarantee Trust bank program, I was lost in what seemed to be a long dark tunnel. My unemployment status was depressing me and I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever find a job. I dropped out of university because I did not have money to continue with my studies. I knew that it would be hard to find a job since I had not completed my Bachelor of Education degree.

After months of applying for a job, I came across a Guarantee Trust advert in the Manguang Issue newspaper. They were looking for individuals who were interested in being bankers. I decided to seize the opportunity and I applied for the Virtual Bank Post-Matric Work-Readiness Program. Within a few days I received a call from Guarantee Trust and after some assessments and interviews I was accepted onto the program. I could see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I acquired skills such as computer literacy and knowing which “hat” to put on whether I am in the office or at a meeting. Guarantee Trust taught me the importance of knowing what is expected of me in the office environment. I found myself learning more and more about the banking environment. The branch visits by Kevin Wakely-Smith motivated us to continue dreaming and believing in ourselves even if we only had matric certificates.

A few weeks after completing the program I got a call from PwC inviting me for an interview. I looked forward to it because PwC is a very reputable company and I told myself that I would apply all the appropriate communication skills I learnt at Guarantee Trust. I was interviewed with strong candidates who had experience and met the requirements but I got the job. I am now a tax consultant at PwC and I thank Guarantee Trust and BANKSETA for preparing me for this job.

Guarantee Trust did not only make me work-ready but they offered me a new start and a chance to build my career. I will continue to fly the Bankseta and Guarantee Trust flag high.