Dawry Ndlovu (1)

Student Name: Dawry Busisiwe Ndlovu

Program: Bonani Work-Readiness Program

Branch: Pretoria


My name is Dawry Busisiwe Ndlovu. I am 26 years old, a Professional Accountant (SA), Professional Tax Practitioner (SA), and two steps away from being a CIA (A Certified Internal Auditor with the Institute of Internal Auditors of South Africa-IIASA). Sounds fancy huh? But it would all not be possible if it was not for Guarantee Trust and Fasset that opened doors for me.

After I completed my three-year National Diploma in Internal Auditing with Tshwane University of Technology at the Soshanguve campus in December 2007 I was very happy, but always wondered what would set me apart from all the candidates who have also received their National Diplomas. I had to do something else to set myself apart, and appear as unique, so I registered for My BTech in Internal Auditing at the Pretoria campus. I made a mistake in thinking that now that I have completed my BTech, I will appear as precious gold to companies hiring recently graduated candidates, I was wrong.

I would hear of how my peers who were a year ahead of me are still struggling to get a job, sitting at home, feeling depressed, finally opting for jobs below their standards and qualifications because of desperation. I got scared. A lot of times I would think “maybe I must get a job while I am still studying so that I know I am sorted after I complete my courses”. The fact that my friends had thought of doing the same and actually got those jobs was not helping a bit!

I knew I had to focus, so I made a decision to finish my course, then look for a job after. In the second semester of the year in 2008, my friend told me about Guarantee Trust. She gave me a number on a piece of paper and said I must call, to secure an appointment, to write the aptitude test and see if I would get the traineeship. I was very skeptical and the fact that she gave me the number to call when she has not tried calling herself made me feel uneasy, but I called anyway. I wrote the test, was called for an interview and I got the traineeship. I was so happy.

I was brought up by a single mother, and telling her that I finally got a traineeship contract for six more months to learn and get work-readiness, and that after the four years she would still have to financially support me was a pain, but she supported me regardless, and for that I will forever be grateful.

I focused on the training, and knew that the promise they made, that they will help me find a job, being a three-year contract to do my articles was good enough for me. After the six months of being in the work-readiness program, I was scheduled for an interview with a company in Rustenburg (130 kilometers from Pretoria). I was so scared. I had to be out my comfort zone to do this. The job had its own difficulties, both personal and professionally. I was the first and only black person in the company, and often I was faced with a language barrier regarding the work I had to do and my clients who preferred Afrikaans as a medium. I focused, yet again, keeping my eyes on the prize.

When I found out that I was registered six months later after I started my 3-year SAIPA learnership, I wanted to quit, but it was two years down the line already, and I thought to myself, six months won’t kill me. I yet again reminded myself that this is preparing me for the greater part of my life. The success!

I persevered and finally completed my articles in February 2013, from July 2009. I got a job the month following my articles completion, as a Senior Accounting Analyst at one of the leading engineering companies in South Africa, ABB SA (Pty) Ltd. I sat for my Professional Evaluation (final qualifying stage) with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants in May 2013. I failed the first time, but did not give up. I sat for the tax board with the same institution and passed first time in June the same year, and got my Professional Tax Practitioner (SA) title. I was given a second chance to sit for the Professional Accountant qualifying exam in November 2013, and I got the results later in December 2013 that I passed! I was happy beyond measure, screamed the whole office round. I did it!

This is just to show other learners, students and graduates that everything can and will be possible if you put all your focus and concentration to it. It does not matter which family background you come from, if you really want it, it is yours to take. The whole world is my oyster now!


Thank you Fasset and Guarantee Trust.