Frank Onyishi (1)

Student Name: Frank Onyishi

Program: Accounting Work-Readiness Program

Branch: Johannesburg


I cannot imagine what my life would have been like, without my training at Guarantee Trust in 2005. I can only say “Thank you” for the initiative and training that I received. My life has had a complete turn around! Both my private/family life and professional life benefited enormously from my training.

I started as an unemployed graduate, completed the Guarantee Trust program and in 2005 I was placed at an auditing firm, MGI Bass Gordon. I went on to complete my honours programme and having done that I then moved overseas to the UK and worked for 1 year, with my wife.

We saved up funds while working in the UK and at the completion of our work/holiday, we travelled to the US and Canada for six months doing bookkeeping and other finance work there.

Today I can say that the application of effective communication in all that I do; understanding my role by wearing my ‘hat’ and clearing misunderstood words has improved my way to happiness greatly!

My personal achievements:

  • I have strongly improved my relationship with my wife, family, friends and colleagues
  • I have bought a house and my wife has opened a business for herself
  • I have opened my own consulting firm
  • I have renewed my spirituality

These are just a few out of many more positive outcomes that I’ve gained from Fasset and Guarantee Trust.

May I also add that one of the powerful tools that are helping me from day to day as I do my business is being upfront with the truth about everything. It has helped me not get into trouble and I am able to come out victorious because I was able to be upfront.

The power of the truth had a great impact on me one morning while in class, listening to the Academy Manager at Guarantee Trust. She said: “Whatever you achieve by doing wrong, you can achieve greater things by doing right.” Those words stuck with me. I have applied it and it is working 100%. I am much happier today and more open to learning new things and to personally work and contribute to improving humanity and the environment.