Mbali Nzimande (1)
Student Name
: Mbali Nzimande

Program: Virtual Bank Work-Readiness Program

Branch: Durban


My name is Mbali Nzimande (23). I grew up in Durban, in a place called uMbumbulu. I attended Ndonyela Secondary School and completed my matric in 2008.

I went to Mangosuthu University of Technology. I enjoyed calculations and working with figures and values which is why I studied for a National Diploma in Accounting, which I qualified for in 2012 and I graduated in April 2013.

After completing my diploma I honestly thought finding a job would be as easy as 1, 2, 3…but I thought wrong! Looking for a job was the hardest, challenging, costly, frustrating and depressing thing to do. I even thought of studying further but my parents couldn’t handle more expenses.

My friend Yolanda Zwane told me about Guarantee Trust. To tell you the truth I was not interested in any training, I wanted a job. She told me about GT and suggested that we go and check it out. When we got there the lady at reception explained to us very well how things work at GT. I decided to apply for the Virtual Bank Work Readiness Program since I was passionate about banking.

There is so much I gained from this program, but the first and most important is communication. I got to understand other people and learned how to communicate with them. I had an opportunity to learn about other religions as well and most importantly I learned to interact with different races which is very important in the work place. Before the program I used to say I would like to work in the bank but I didn’t understand anything that was happening in the branch. Virtual Bank made it very clear for me how things work in a bank and what will be expected of me when I start working.

After completing the program I had a very clear mindset about banking. I could actually feel that I was ready for work and any challenges I will encounter I will know how to resolve as I had all the information I needed. Working in the branch without doing this program was going to be a real challenge because I would not have been as informed as I was when I completed the program. It would have taken time for me to get used to processes and procedures of the bank had I not done this program, but it was much easier.

When I came to the branch I used my communication skills and every one found it very easy to talk to me which is why I have a good working relationship with my colleagues. There is so much I am learning from my senior colleagues and that is because I communicate with them. Applying my communication skills has been a great success, it really works for me. Even communicating with my customers makes my job easy because I know what they expect from me and how they expect it, then I deliver, at the end of the day we are all satisfied.

Guarantee Trust played a huge role in my life and my career. Everywhere you apply for a job, they will always be looking for experience and I think if it wasn’t for GT I would still be applying even today. Personally my life changed for the good. Now I treat everyone with respect because I understand their religion and values. On the program I got to meet new friends with different religions and cultures and I learned so much from them because we were one big family.

I am currently working as a sales and service consultant and I was named as the best consultant of 2015 in the FNB Magazine (Issue: May 2015). I was featured in the magazine after I helped one of my customers who had the same ID number with another individual. I have to be honest, if it wasn’t for the study course and the communication course I wouldn’t have been able to help the lady. I used my communication skills and the theory I learnt in the office orientation course. This course taught me how to assist the customer no matter how difficult it might be.

Thank you Bankseta and Guarantee Trust.