Solly Ngobeni (1)

Student Name: Solly Ngobeni

Program: Bonani Work-Readiness Program

Branch: Pretoria


I grew up in a town a little west of Pretoria. I completed my primary education there and I did my high school education in Pretoria CBD. Towards the end of my matric, my teachers told me that I should go into accounting as I had a knack for numbers.

I didn’t listen to them though as I loved animals, and went on to study agriculture. After completing my studies I ended up working as a Training Fund Manager and I started to grow fond of accounting.

After a while I resigned and worked in my family’s business. The more I worked in the area of accounting, the fonder I grew of this field. Eventually I decided to go back to school and study accounting. That is when I found Guarantee Trust.

Going through the program was sometimes hard, and often I didn’t understand why I was learning certain things as I didn’t think they were important. But now I find myself applying everything I learned every single day. Things like professional presentation, handling customers with speed and accuracy, good communication, and all the accounting skills I acquired during the training.

When I was finishing the program I was set up with interviews and so on, but because I was older than all the other candidates I never got selected. Or at least I think that was the reason. So I decided I would start my own practice.

I started talking to people I knew in businesses around me and I got my first customer! A woman who owned a small business wanted me to do her books.

I continued and got more and more customers. But at that stage I was still working from home. I thought about what they had taught me at Guarantee Trust about persistence and expansion and I decided I needed to take it to the next level. So I secured an office space in Pretoria CBD. Shortly after that I signed my first permanent contract! And soon I will be taking on employees.

The training I did at Guarantee Trust is invaluable. I am what I am today only because of what they taught me. I am living proof of the products they produce. I am building my firm up from nothing and it’s working only because I am applying what I learned at Guarantee Trust. I owe them and Fasset so much and I always promote them when I’m talking to someone who I can see needs to do the program.

Thank you to everyone at Fasset and GT.