Themba Ndlovu (1)

Student Name: Themba Ndlovu

Program: Virtual Bank Work-Readiness Program

Branch: Cape Town


I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Guarantee Trust for accepting me on the Virtual Bank Work-Readiness Program. I can’t begin to say what this program did for my life. I grew up in a small village called Bushbuckridge. I remember my high school Accounting teacher encouraging us to become accountants. He would give us statistics of the shortage of black accountants in South Africa all the time. He would tell us of the earning potential and eventually I decided that I would become an accountant.

I come from a poor background and things were difficult for me and my family. Money was scarce and the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that I was about to complete my Matric and I did not have the money to go to university. I decided to just leave all my problems in God’s hands. I applied for an Accounting degree but unfortunately I was not accepted because of my Matric results. However, I was accepted to study a BCom Finance and Information Systems degree at the University of Western Cape. I had to work hard because unlike other students, I had to apply for financial assistance and I had to pass.

I worked really hard and as a result of that I got a job as a part time tutor. I then had money to buy textbooks and food. Life was difficult, I used to see other students wearing expensive clothes and eating good food and I could see that they were from stable families. It used to upset me but I reminded myself that I was there to study. My family was depending on me to finish my studies so that I could provide for them. I kept going and with my goal in mind I saw myself finishing my degree, getting a job and making decent money so I could take care of my family.

When I completed my degree I was proud of myself and thankful to God for helping me to achieve this milestone. After the completion of my degree, I started looking for a job. I remember the day I started applying for a job, I was actually excited about it because I was certain that I would get a job immediately.

I had a degree and I was ready to start working. I kept applying and the rejection letters kept pouring in. This left me confused and I just didn’t understand what was happening. The disappointment of looking for a job and not finding one was frustrating. It just demoralizes you to a point where you feel useless and I was fast reaching that point of feeling useless.

I was saved by a friend who saw an advertisement in the newspaper. The advertisement was from a company that was looking for trainee bankers. I decided to Google the company and when I saw the testimonials of past students, I knew I wanted to be on the banking program (Guarantee Trust Virtual Bank Program).

I applied for the program and I was accepted. Going into the program, I had one goal and that was to do the program and get a job so that I could have a better life. I was on the program because I knew that my dreams would come true and I would be the light in my family.

Upon completion of the program, I was accepted on the Nedbank Graduate Program as a trainee. I was offered a permanent position on the 1st of January 2014 as a sales consultant. Later I was promoted to Area Manager for the Nedbank Eastern Cape Branch where I applied all the knowledge I learnt on the program. The Communication Course has been more than useful in my workplace because I use it every day. The Study Course has helped me a lot and I believe that the knowledge that I gained is for life. I use the skills I acquired at Guarantee Trust everywhere.

Today I am a different person than I was before I started the program. I am now a professional. I am also proud to say that I have managed to build a house for my parents. I was once at a point where I didn’t see myself building my parents a house because of my background. I had to work hard and persevere through life’s challenges.

This would not have happened had it not been for Guarantee Trust and BANKSETA. My life has totally changed and I am so happy. You have done a lot for me and my family. I am someone today. I will make sure that I tell other commerce graduates about this program. Keep on helping other unemployed graduates like you helped me.

The joy that this program has brought into my life is immeasurable.