Practice Name: Ram Naidoo and Associates

Practitioners Name: Ram Naidoo

SAIPA Chairperson- Johannesburg Regional Association

August 2009


How Your Practice can benefit from taking on a learner from Guarantee Trust

South Africa has grown to be beautiful country post apartheid after 1994. Since then skills shortages and brain drain has been the order of the day. Our skilled professionals have left our shore of beautiful South Africa to ‘greener’ overseas pastures.

Today we have a shortage of 27 000 accountants in South Africa as a result of the huge growth in this country since 1994. Thankfully the government has introduced SETAS and Fasset is doing an excellent job with its service providers in providing qualified, Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI) graduates into the market place.

Guarantee trust is one such organization which promotes a supply of HDI graduates into the industry.

Our organization, Ram Naidoo and Associates CC has been associated with Guarantee Trust and employing their graduates since 2003. Our practice has taken on about 2 to 4 graduates annually.

As a practice we have enhanced the learners, our practice and have educated our clients of the presence of PDI graduates in our office. Our clients have an excellent working relationship with our clerks. Our clerks host meetings with our clients. The junior manager in the office manages the weekly meetings to ensure smooth work flow.

Clerks also present weekly lectures with the work they are very familiar with. All clerks who come to our office are computer literate and can converse very well in English.

Should your practice become a training centre, you could employ PDI graduates. Your practice receives a strategic cash grant (SC6) in terms of section 12H, from Fasset. You should further have an income tax deduction in terms of section 18.1/18.2 (unemployed or previously employed) depending on the number of staff you employ. This allows as a cash growth into your practice.

Further it makes economic sense to employ PDI graduates as it grows your practice, increases opportunity in your business and allows the partners to concentrate in growing the practice and to enhance the standards in the accounting industry.

I encourage all professional accountants to grow South Africa’s PDI accountants and become an approved training centre.

Change the perception of the future accountants.

“Employ Guarantee Trust graduates so that your practice can be an efficient vibrant organization for the future.